International Cooperation

In compliance with the Rulebook on the manner and the conditions for organizing practical instruction for students (Official gazette of the Republic of Macedonia, No 120/10) the Faculty of Security Skopje organizes and implements practical instruction for the students. Based on an internal decision, the Faculty assigns a mentor for the realization of practical instruction. Upon completion of practical instruction, students receive written confirmation which serves as the basis for calculating and registering the appropriate number of credits in their BSc certificates. Practical instruction is realized in several state organs and institutions, with participation of students from all academic years, organized in groups.

Practical instruction is realized on the basis of previously signed cooperation memoranda, and there is an increasing trend regarding the number of state organs and institutions participating in practical instruction for the students of the Faculty of Security. In the last few years, the students of the Faculty of Security have completed practical instruction in the following state organs and institutions:

1. Police stations (according to the student’s place of residence) within the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia;
2. Financial Police Office located in Skopje;
3. Regional centers of Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia;
4. Financial Intelligence Office;
5. Intelligence Agency;
6. Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia;
7. National Border Management Coordination Center, Government of the Republic of Macedonia;
8. Migration Asylum and Refugees Regional Initiative Regional Center (MARRI RC), located in Skopje;
9. Republic Council on Road Traffic Safety; and
10. Hydrobiological Institute Ohrid.

In the course of the practical instruction, the students are directly introduced to the practical ways of the implementation of knowledge in various security areas and are acquainted with the function and the authorizations of state organs and institutions. Practical instruction is realized with a previously prepared plan by the mentor, and prior agreement with the partner institution where the students realize their practical instruction. According to the grades given by the managers from the institutions participating in the realization of practical instruction, the students of the Faculty of Security have so far achieved excellent results, some of them having received special commendations by the above-mentioned institutions.