Почитувани студенти,

Добивме понуда за нашите студенти од Microsoft  за добивање или надградување на Вашите вештини кои ќе Ве направат конкурентни на пазарот на труд.

Станува збор за Студентски самит на Microsoft кој е тридневен настан дизајниран да им помогне на студентите да Учат од директори на Microsoft, да ги проучат најновите технологии на Microsoft и да се надградат со вештини.

Во прилог Ви ја доставуваме пораката во целост.


As your account manager, I am excited to continue to partner with UKLO to support students as they build their skills and prepare for their future career. To support students to skill up on the latest technology, build their profile and gain inspiration from Microsoft leaders, we are excited to host Microsoft Student Summit (S2), October 18-20, 2021.

S2 is a 3 day virtual event designed to inspire your students on their employability journey. S2 aims to help students learn from Microsoft executives, explore the latest on Microsoft technologies, and accelerate their path by skilling up and raising their profile. Students will also have the opportunity to join a LinkedIn community to ask questions of other students and Microsoft team members.

Each day offers 2 hours of keynote sessions delivered across two timezones. Sessions will also be made available on-demand after the event for any student who misses out.

We’ve also made it easy for students to get ready for Microsoft certification by offering additional daily 4-hour exam cram sessions aligned to the Microsoft Fundamentals certifications – featuring Azure Data, Security, Identity, & Compliance, and Power Platform!

October 18-20, 2021
Two cohort options, starting at 7:30am and 7:00pm PDT respectively


  • Please find attached a flyer for students, they are able to register directly using their academic email address and add the event to their calendar.
  • Share on social media using the posted assets

Microsoft provides access to a range of self-serve online learning and skills resources to support students on their academic journey and workforce readiness.

We look forward to welcoming your students next week!
Thank You,

Agim Bekaj