10th International Scientific Conference

The topics are the following:

  • Geopolitical conflict of concepts, interests and ideologies in the region: Euro- Atlantic vs. Euro- Asian integration;
  • Russian influence in the Balkans- destabilizing threat or factor for economic growth;
  • Turkish foreign and security policy in the Balkans;
  • One belt One road- China between economic promotion and democratic obstacle;
  • The role of USA in the Balkans in the era of President Tramp;
  • German strategic interests in the region;
  • Radicalism and the Balkans;
  • Security between strategies and red lines in the Balkans;
  • The role of non-state actors in the security of Southeast Europe;
  • Hybrid threats as new challenges for security;
  • Migration, human rights, political and security risks for small states;
  • The role of the rule of law in the balance between justice and security in international relations;
  • Contemporary forms of crime as a global threat;
  • Capacity strengthening of small states and the capacity for fighting corruption and organized crime;

All interested participants are to submit an abstract of 300 to 500 words on the e-mail address: conference2019@fb.uklo.edu.mk no later than 10 March 2019

The deadline for submission of the entire paper is 21 April 2019
All papers which will be approved and presented on the Conference will be published in a special electronic edition
Working languages of the Conference are English and Macedonian
All required information related to the Conference will be sent to the authors on their electronic e-mails and will be published on the webpage of the Conference.