9th International Scientific Conference


The Conference mission is to encourage the academic community and practitioners in the field of security to exchange knowledge based on scientific methods for security research, and to use the experiences from practice so as to attribute a scientific and research quality to them. The idea for organizing the conference is in line with the need for essential reforms in the security system of the Republic of Macedonia and the choice of an adequate security concept of operation, as one of the preconditions for Euro-Atlantic integrations of the country. In that respect, the expected papers addressing security issues in many subdisciplines of security science, should contribute to reaffirming the existing and developing new solutions within the security system, based on a holistic approach and in the direction of an efficient and timely management of security risks and threats and accelerating the process of Euro-Atlantic integrations.


The Conference goal is to gather valid and scientifically verified findings that will enable the implementation of a rational and acceptable solution within the security system reforms. The systemic and institutional solutions will be reviewed by substantiating the evidence and presenting the received results, thus marking a new phase of quality development of the security system and institutions.

Scientific and social justification

The international scientific conference will contribute to the analysis of the security situation and the security challenges, as well as to the development of a contemporary security system. The aim of the security system reforms is to enable an efficient security system with adequate security capacities for tackling possible threats. The overall aim of the “security system reform” is directed towards the transformation of the security institutions so that they could play an efficient, legitimate and democratically responsible role in providing external and internal security to its citizens.