8th International Scientific Conference


The papers presented at the Conference will contribute to the identification of risks and security threats i.e. the destabilizing factors that generate conflict situations. The rational assumption regarding the complete application of an adequate security concept will contribute to properly developing a concept of security of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as to dealing with security risks and threats. The mission of the Conference is to encourage scientific and research workers to exchange their findings with regard to science that should identify the new generation of risks and security threats, and to determine the security concept and policy for dealing with them.


The practical goal of the Conference topic is a manifold one. This is mainly due to the lack of papers and analyses of this issue in scientific and professional literature, or if such exist, they are characterized by a partial scientific approach.
The goal of the Conference is the acquisition of valid results and scientifically verified findings that allow the implementation of a rational and acceptable solution in maintaining security and dealing with risks and threats. Through an evidence-based argument and presentation of the results and observation of the overall situation, systemic and institutional solutions will be considered, i.e. the launching of a new phase of a quality development of this segment will be considered.

Scientific and social justification

The countries of the contemporary world suffer the consequences from the existence of dynamic and complex living conditions, with the occurrence of asymmetric threats and risks, terrorist threats, transnational crime, dangers of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, religious radicalism and extremism, illegal migration, cyber attacks etc. The security assessment should cover the changes in the character of the risks, threats and possible conflicts. This means that stakeholders in the risks, threats and potential conflicts and dangers are diverse, multilayered and asymmetric in nature. In developing the security a key role is played by the following: the threats and the risks to the country, the social economic and political relations, the form of government, the role of the human potential and the civil concept, the objective need for organizing independent protection of the whole territory and the international position of the country as well as its real capacities.