As a system of study rules, ECTS was introduced in 2004, with Jovanka Ilievska as ECTS coordinator. The general ECTS coordinator is associate professor Sase Gerasimoski, PhD.
The Coordinator is primarily responsible for:
1. Monitoring the Faculty’s obligations regarding the implementation of ECTS principles and mechanisms;
2. Promoting ECTS both within and outside the Faculty;
3. Giving support for practical implementation of ECTS, as well as support for ECTS coordinators at the level of Faculty departments;
4. Disseminating information to students regarding ECTS;
5. Coordinating ECTS coordinators at the level of Faculty departments in the processes of: adaptation, production and distribution of information and guidelines for each semester;
6. Cooperating with public and private institutions granting scholarships;
7. Establishing contacts at university, national and international levels.

The ECTS Coordinator also collaborates with other faculties, which are members of the universities in the Republic of Macedonia.