This study programme puts emphasis on prevention of criminality as one of the key prerequisites for planning in the process of creating criminal policy by relevant institutions on the one hand, and also in the function of planning and carrying out operative measures for detecting and discovering criminality by competent security services on the other hand.
The very fact that this programme encompasses the studying of several scientific disciplines related to prevention (prevention of sociopathological phenomena, prevention of conventional criminality, prevention of contemporary forms of crime, deviance and social control), reflects the essential approach in educating professionals that will be dealing with studying, detecting and repressing criminality.
Criminology and criminal policy is a recognizable study programme, which means that it is comparable with other study programmes on higher education institutions in EU counties, which creates conditions for mobility of students in the course of their studies, and also with regards to prospective employment possibilities in these countries and their institutions.

The studies within this study programme last four years (eight semesters).
Upon the completion of studies students earn 240 ECTS credits.