Having the status of a higher education institution as well as a scientific and research institution in the area of criminalistics, security and protection, the Faculty of Security is focused on higher education, scientific, research and applied activities, as well as continuing education and training. Through the realization of contemporary studies, the Faculty of Security Skopje completes its physiognomy of an educational scientific and research institution in the area of security and the fight against criminality, thus justifying the society's needs for its establishment. The principal goal of the studies (for professional and scientific development-first cycle studies, and master studies-second cycle studies in the areas of criminalistics) is the establishment of a national system of education which will be constitutive and compatible with internationally acknowledged standards in those areas. The specific goal of the studies is the education of highly professional and competent individuals for institutions and services in the relevant area, as well as scientific, research, teaching and educational work in the area of criminalistics, criminological and security sciences.